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Due to the wood flour grains being encapsulated by the polyethylene the product becomes extremely durable in comparison to traditional timber. The EDP Range has an extremely low moisture absorbency factor of less than 1% and this in comparison to timber at circa 17-25% leads to less algal and moss growth which in turn increases the longevity of the product.
It can be heated to circa 80 degrees C and gently bent to create an artistically designed deck BUT this job is best left to professional installers.
Yes but to clarify this we do NOT recommend using rock salt as this will scratch the surface. We recommend using calcium chloride instead.
It is made from recovered post-production untreated softwood flour and recovered post-consumer high density polyethylene. The wood flour has had excess moisture removed and is graded to an exacting degree. The polyethylene is recovered from plastic bottles such as those used to dispense milk and fruit juices from in your home.
Contact your local installer who can send them back to our manufacturing plant for further recycling. The great thing about EVODEK® Composite Decking is that it is derived from recycled commodities and is itself recyclable. This is great news for the environment that we all live in.
Yes. There really is no limitation on using EVODEK® Composite Decking in situations traditionally associated with timber decking.

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