EVODEK® Interior Composite Panelling

  • The king of appearance

EVODEK® Interior Composite Ceiling

  • The king of appearance

EVODEK® Interior Composite Tube

  • The king of appearance

We offer a wide range of WPC decorative materials including WPC wall panels, baffle ceilings, timber tubes, and decorative trims. Available in various colors, they blend in well and suit every decor style and budget. Choose the one that better suits your needs!

EVODEK WPC wall panels come with three profile designs, each of which has its own uniqueness and advantage. For example, the CWB series fluted wall panel gives your room space a more three-dimensional look while the CWC series integrated wall panel makes installation a lot more efficient.

EVODEK WPC baffle ceiling is the right choice for those who need better sound control in their rooms. It’s lightweight and easy to install, suitable for the minimal design of modern homes.

Used to build light room partitions, WPC timber tubes, make your room appear spacious and well ventilated while still enabling you to have some extent of privacy. They’re suitable for rooms where both interaction and privacy are valued.