Real Wood Aesthetics Composite Fence Gate EFD-01

Composite fence gates, along with composite fencing, take your house or yard and form a perfect whole.


  • Model: EFD-01
  • Dimension: W1100mm X H1800mm
  • Warranty: 10 Year commercial and 25 year residential
  • Certificates: FSC, CE, CNAS, ISO9001
  • Ingredient: 50% wood fiber,38% HDPE


When you have used a composite fence to protect your yard, are you bothered by the inconsistent style of the fence gate?

No need to worry, EVODEK offers matching fence gates for composite fences. Make your fence a perfect whole with your house.


Composite fence gates are manufactured using the same materials as composite fences. Therefore, it can equally fulfill your different design needs.

Composite fence gates are equally strong, durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. So that you can enjoy the comfort it brings with peace of mind.

Project Solutions

High-quality, low-maintenance composite fence gates are dedicated to bringing you a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing visual experience.

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