Waterproof and Damp-Proof WPC Ceiling ECE-01

With its exceptional longevity, durability, and distinctive aesthetic appeal, ECE-01 offers a truly unparalleled indoor ceiling experience that enhances your indoor living environment.


  • Model: ECE-01
  • Surface: Coating
  • Certificates: FSC, CE, CNAS, ISO9001
  • Dimension: L2900mm x W50mm X H60mm
  • Warranty: 10 Year commercial and 25 year residential
  • Ingredient: 45% PVC, 20% Calcium Carbonate, 28% Wood Powder, 7% Additives


WPC ceilings are popular in villas, hotels, homes, and various indoor settings. Made from sturdy, long-lasting WPC material, these ceilings are both durable and easy to maintain. The ECE-01 comes in a variety of colors, sizes, finishes, and lengths, offering a diverse selection to suit various interior design preferences.

Incorporating unique and innovative technology and manufacturing techniques, WPC ceilings by EVODEK offer homeowners a premium experience of excellence. The robust and long-lasting nature of these ceilings ensures prolonged enjoyment. EVODEK indoor ceilings are engineered for easy and convenient installation, streamlining the process and saving valuable time and energy.

Colors and Surface

Featuring a natural wood grain, ECE-01 exudes the timeless elegance of solid wood, infusing your interior space with a classic and natural charm. Beyond its exquisite aesthetics, the EVODEK indoor ceiling is notably simple to clean and maintain.

Project Solutions

EVODEK WPC ceilings address the drawbacks and challenges associated with solid wood products in real-world applications, offering a solution that deviates from conventional and monotonous ceiling decor.

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